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Severely Injured Kitten Gets a Second Chance

Meet Diesel, the little kitten that wouldn’t let his injury get him down. He was found after a unknown traumatic event that left his face dramatically swolle…

An adorable snoring kitten sleeps peacefully and soundly on a cloud of perfect puffy softness while his older in the background is doused with nightmares and…

34 Responses to Severely Injured Kitten Gets a Second Chance

  1. The purring might be the cat trying to heal. Cats have been known to purr
    when happy, and when injured. The low frequency sound helps with healing.

  2. I am not a dog person by any means and I watch Demo Ranch all the
    time…noticed the vet ranch on the side list and watched 2 dog episodes
    and then instantly went looking for a kitty save of yours. Incredibly
    awesome use of time and effort. I knew you were a good gun type guy and
    heard you mention the Vet thing a couple times and now I know all around
    how awesomely dedicated to all your passions you are. Family, pets, and of
    course the shotgun. Keep it up Matt. I got 2 channels of yours now
    subscribed. I hope that somehow equates to a little more money and a
    couple less suffering animals.

  3. lately i have been watching your demolition ranch vids and then you said
    something about this channel so i started watching it and i have always
    taken an interest in animals and i wanted to go to school for something
    along the lines of working with animals and this has really helped me make
    a choice in what i want to do now i dont know exactly what im going to do
    but it will be something along the lines of what you do you extremely
    inspiring in every thing you do so thank you and keep doing what your
    doing. there are spots in heaven reserved for people like you lol

  4. Over the summer there was a stray cat that appeared pretty much out of
    nowhere and he was really badly injured; his back legs were really bad, he
    had so many clumps of hair, he was really really skinny, and he couldn’t
    hear, witch kinda made me happy because i finally had a kitty who had
    trouble hearing (I have hearing loss myself) but we couldn’t take him into
    the vet because my family just doesn’t have the money so we took care of
    him we fed him well and we tried to get him used to the other cat but right
    before winter we never saw him again…. i really miss that stupid cat….
    and everyday i still look around to find him but either now he’s dead or
    someone else took him in… he was such a sweet cat all he ever wanted was
    to be loved he never cared about the food either. I just love cats i don’t
    know why… 

  5. thank you doctor for your caring heart. There is a place in heaven for
    people like you and you may find Diesel up there perhaps giving you back
    all the love you gave him.

  6. Damn.. I am an EMT myself, and your videos still manage to make me tear up
    a little bit. Absolutely amazing work Dr.Matt. There is no feeling greater
    than helping something less fortunate.

  7. i saw a lie (insect) around the cats eye. Do use the inscet medicine
    sometimes. Your cat has loud snores btw

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