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Scaredy Cats

I hope you enjoy this video showing a Cats video

A compilation of cats getting spooked by household items. Links to the full videos can be found below. Watch more funny videos:…

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25 Responses to Scaredy Cats

  1. I think cats are funnier when they get a fright, fall off something because they act so dignified and serious. It’s like the example given in The Simpsons using Kelsey Grammer’s character accidentally becoming Side Show Bob. Whereas with dogs we are used to them being funny and goofy -iit’s part of their charm. We tend to worry more about them when they get a fright/fall because their faces are more emotive and they don’t land so well either.

  2. Aluminum soda cans these days are so thin that anything sharp will pierce them very easily. It took ten years of advanced metallurgical research to develop an aluminum alloy that could be deep-drawn like that and still support 250 pounds of vertical force when they stamp the lids on. Amazing, but don’t poke them with a pin.

  3. Admit it, when it comes to curiosity, cats are far superior than dogs. And cats are a lot funnier. Funny, I’m saying this and I actually prefer dogs.

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