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25 Responses to Retired Military Working Dog discovers first kitten

  1. Sadly on Oct 20, 2014 Retired Military Working Dog Chef H067 lost his
    battle with pancreatic cancer. He was a true hero and gentle soul, as you
    see in this video. He will forever live in my heart. Thank you to
    everyone who shared this video and because you are sharing his memory. 

  2. This huge focused dog and kitty can not have enough of one another. Lots of
    curiosity and love between them.
    What a vere cute video clip!
    No ad, no talking, and no bull. I love it!

  3. freakin adorable…… I have the biggest weak spot for cats and dogs lol,
    they make me a woman. KIttens are so cute and innocent, I don’t know how
    anybody could dislike or harm a cat especially a kitten

  4. He is such a gentleman constantly telling the kitten that he is harmless,
    while he was brimming with curiosity.

  5. Dog trying remembered all smells of drugs, guns, explosives and other stuff
    what he ever sniff, but kitty smell simply isnt there.

  6. I had something similar to this once in a story: a massive lion-eagle
    griffin was being introduced to a much smaller owl-meerkat griffin. The
    big griffin lost interest in the little one before this video was over,
    though – essentially after determining that there really was an animal
    under that feather-duster coat.

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