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Rescued puppy overjoyed to reunite with his mother

A puppy fell into a well and neighbors heard him crying all night long. When our rescue team went down and brought the little guy back up top he ran as fast …
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25 Responses to Rescued puppy overjoyed to reunite with his mother

  1. The ending is so sweet..
    At around 4:47 its like the adult male (?) dog is looking back and gives a
    bark to say thank you for rescuing their puppy

  2. thank you for saving this dog, we need more people like them, i will donate
    today if it can help. amazing!!!!

  3. Great rescue. Volunteers were brave to drop into the well, even with ropes.
    And to rescue such a cute puppy!

  4. The distinct lack of Health and Safety from the Dogs rescuers was like a
    breath of fresh air :-)))) Well done to all who took part. There is nice
    people out there .

  5. Im glad this turned out well..but what they really need to do is round up
    these strays and try to find them good homes..otherwise..they will
    reproduce more and more?? or maybe catch, spay- return…there are way too
    many dogs without homes..we need more compassionate people to give them

  6. I thought they the puppy in the well intentionally then video it while
    rescuing, so many donations will come to them, Am I right? it is just a
    conclusion :)

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