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Wolf attempts to go down the stairs! With an adorable struggle. See if he succeeds! =D Get a free book on me! SUBSCRIBE:…
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For years our kids have been wanting a puppy…especially our daughter. She has been naming her stuffed animals since she was 2 (and even makes them little b…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to PUPPY V.S. STAIRS!

  1. Would anyone want to be friends? I want to make friends all over the world,
    where are you from? I’m from Scotland :)

  2. You should buy a plexiglass board to put over the stairs where wolf was
    sticking his head out. My friend who was a little baby sister (a little
    bigger than wolf) have that so she won’t fall down from the stair thingy. 

  3. #bravowolf good for you wolf i love you and your puppy joey so proud of
    him and you as a father to him #goodfather

  4. Omg this is so cute! The best part was when they said they named the dog
    Peaches which is what we named our beagle! :)))

  5. One of the better ‘Surprise-puppy’ videos – no screaming/shrieking, no OTT
    histrionics or ‘Drama-Queen displays – just two extremely nice,
    well-mannered polite children – superb !!

  6. Hi Mary Stevens, if you get to read this comment, I must say from all the
    puppy surprise videos I´ve watched, this is definitely the one like best.
    It was simply perfect the way you surprised them and their reactions were
    so cute and touching, specially your daughter, the way she kept thanking
    you, I´ve never seen such a grateful kid in my whole life. And the picture
    of the 3 at the end is priceless, those happy and radiant faces showing the
    joy of finally having the new puppy they had been expecting for years, it
    really made my tears flow. However it´s sad that you haven´t been posting
    any new videos since. It´s been almost 2 years to the date, that´s why I
    think it´d be great to get an update of how Peaches´s been doing and how
    big she is already, I really hope you get back to upload someday. Once
    again thank you so very much for sharing such a happy and touching moment
    in your family with all of us, many blessings to you all. Maddy :)

  7. It is raining on my face. Absolutely beautiful, but I need to ask you how
    you get your children to nicely do homework together???? That is the most
    amazing thing in this video to me, though your children’s reactions are
    absolutely awesome.

  8. I can’t tell you how sweet this is and how this touched my heart. My
    daughter has probably 30 stuffed animals and names them, too. God Bless
    and may you have many, many loving years with Peaches. 

  9. Nice video, love this!
    There is actually people giving this video a thumb down! What a sad little
    life they must have, I hope someone will give them a puppy so their life
    will be a little less sad!

  10. Such beautiful children!
    These parents have done an great job to raise these children to have such a
    appreciative nature.

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