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29 Responses to Puppy tries his best to see newborn baby

  1. Wow the comments about the baby’s ear are ridiculous lool. In most Asian
    countries, we pierce ears when babies turn 3-4 months old. And not even
    with any high tech piercing tools, we do it with the earring itself.
    That’s how my ears, as well as entire female populations of Asian countries
    have been pierced. The baby can’t even remember any thing, because the pain
    is numbed by applying ice before and afterwards. Typical Americans so
    sensitive about everything and overreacting over practically nothing as

  2. Pisses me off that the baby has piercings. Stupid fucking parents, what is
    the point? The baby isn’t old enough to decide whether he/she has
    piercings, parents just want to make their baby look cool. I don’t think
    it’s cool at all. It’s a stupid idea, it looks stupid, oh and it’s fucking
    stupid! Rant over!

  3. Yes, now i see:

    The puppy was clearly trying to get a better vantage point to take
    snapshots of the mutilated ears of the baby so he could send the pics to
    authorities. it all makes sense of a sudden D: 

  4. I saw a new born baby have her ears pierced once when I was about 16. The
    baby had one ear done, and was so shocked that she stopped breathing and
    turned blue…..the parents hung her upside down until she regained her
    breath and started crying. Then……they went ahead and got the other ear
    done! I was a kid myself, but I thought that was soooooooo wrong!

  5. What is it with people and not having a baby with pierced ears? I though it
    was normal in America for people to cut of penis foreskin at that age,
    again without permission from their child.

    While circumcision has permanent effects which can effect a someone a lot,
    if you had an ear piercing, you could just let it grow back, where it will
    only partially be able to be seen. And most of the times it can be
    unnoticed by yourself and others.

  6. The puppy actually wanted to eat the baby. The height of that bed is the
    only thing that saved that child’s life. #jesussaves 

  7. there’s always something wrong. It’s the baby that has is ears pierced, or
    its the dog near the baby, or ths owners of the dog bad because they dont
    let the dog see the baby. People always have to complain about something,
    they just cant appreciate a innocent baby and a crazy happy dog

  8. *Video about a cute dog trying to get on top of a bed to reach the baby*
    *Comments raging about baby’s ears getting pierced*

    Typical YouTube………………..

  9. This is actually, I little painful for me to watch. Like, the dog is trying
    so hard to see the child and I just, can’t. Its so cute and awww 🙁

    And, about the piercings. Its actually quite normal for a young child to
    have one at around this age. Some of them does it traditionally and its
    even more painful for a child when their at the age about 4-5 because when
    you are still about a few months old or so, The area around your earlobe
    its somehow easier to pierce so Its fine.

    . I was one of them who pierced my at the age of 5 and i ended up kicking
    the guy i his balls. No joke. So, its absolutely fine and take some time to
    look at the dog who is jumping 🙁 awwww. 

  10. I’m sorry if I have offended but I agree with others that it is superfluous
    to go to the trouble of piercing an infant’s ears – for what ? This isn’t a
    necessity – she is just an infant .

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