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Puppy Jail

A few nice puppy images I found:

Puppy Jail
Image by It’sGreg
What to do when the puppy has more energy than you do? Puppy jail.

puppy photo shoot
Image by shabbyscraps
our new puppies!
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Collie/spitz puppies (aka “Floofballs”)
Image by bullcitydogs
COLLIE/SPITZ MIX PUPPIES: thereare 3 of these adorable puppies, 2 females & 1 male, about 3 months old. **Please note: the male puppy has an adoption pending** These little guys are cute, cuddly and love to play with their toys and with each other.
They’re looking for active families who’ll give them the love, attention and training all puppies need.

They live in Kennel P7.
For more information contact

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