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‘Puppies and Kittens Love Babies’ Compilation 2014

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kittens

‘Puppies and Kittens Love Babies’ Compilation 2014 ‘Cats and Dogs Love Babies’ Compilation 2014 To watch more funny videos, please subscribe. “Carefree” Kevi…
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Watch the main video: I wrote the song with my friend Brenden. We’re called Scott & Brendo! Download “No Leash” here: iTunes: http://bi…
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28 Responses to ‘Puppies and Kittens Love Babies’ Compilation 2014

  1. I love cats and dogs and kittens and puppies teay are

  2. Deadly Fox! You can shut the fuck up! I am smarter than you and I know what
    I’m talking about! My mom works at an emergency animal hospital and I’ve
    worked at an animal hospital as well! AND I’m attending Veterinary
    Assistant classes right now. I know what I’m talking about!!… Like I said
    before, stupid kids out there will see this and they will try this! 

  3. Ha ha. I also thought it was wrong after seeing the original video because
    I thought they were throwing them higher, and didn’t stop to think if there
    was anything for them to land on. Obviously they treated the animals with
    care and they only flew for like 4 sec to land on the softest blanket. The
    pets were treated better than some of you guys treat yours. I love the
    video I wish I had thought of it. Thanks guys for the upload. People who
    are still mad saying animals may have been mistreated are mad that they
    weren’t part of the fun.

  4. There not getting hurt if they get hurt they will take them to the vet you
    should get a live your a he right ops I’m sorry your a she

  5. now think your a kitten (or puppy) , you have nice people holding you and
    tossing you 3 feet in the air into a soft cotton blanket. then having a few
    minutes to play with your kitten friends then take 30 seconds to do it
    again. fun right?! it’s like going off a diving board… into a soft cotton
    wiggly platform

  6. Sorry guys I didn’t mean to sound like a self-righteous judgemental prick
    earlier.. But it just bothers me when people make something out of nothing
    or when people look to find fault in everything and everybody. I thought
    the video was cute and harmless not everyone felt the same way. That’s ok.
    But it’s their reasoning for not liking the video that was absurd to me.
    Well anyways I hope nobody was upset or offended by my post. If you were I
    am deeply sorry.I apologize. Be blessed and have a wonderful day!.!

  7. What is with all the people bashing this video and saying it’s
    irresponsible?? It’s only irresponsible if they are not taking precautions
    and insuring the animals safety and well-being.. I did not see any acts
    showing animal cruelty or any acts endangering the animals life. Everybody
    needs to cool their jets. The animals were being thrown onto wool blankets
    with three to four people standing guard in case anything goes wrong. And
    for those of you saying that the animals are going to be traumatized for
    being thrown into the air like that right after the animals were thrown not
    even a full feet it seems they were petted and cuddled and given love. It’s
    a cute video chill out a bit. And if some dumb idiot chooses to copy this
    video how is that in any way Scott and his team’s fault?? I mean let be
    real they shouldn’t have to put don’t try this at home!! And in another
    part of the video they showed people holding the animals so they wouldn’t
    have to be thrown. The animals were probably thrown maybe two times each
    even though I only saw them being thrown once. It’s a cute video not that
    serious. Just enjoy the awesomeness or go somewhere else. Ps. I have a
    pittbull so it’s not like I don’t get it or know what I am talking about.
    If this was animal abuse I would know. 

  8. Animal abuse i mean kittens cant be shaken OR THROWN soon one of thoses
    poor inocint animal will get hurt cuz of u……….. u make me sick

  9. I really am tired of people LOOKING for a reason to bitch. You can see the
    animals were treated with care, and that they were loved, and that they
    weren’t hurt at all. So just stop bitching at them.

  10. I don understand why people keep saying this is animal abuse. If you think
    it is then don’t watch it. With all due respect your comments aren’t going
    to change people’s opinion on whether it not it’s cute. If you think it’s
    wrong, ok. But the video is made and there will always be videos like it.

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