The Luckiest Dog Not Alive

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The Luckiest Dog Not Alive is about a Black Lab/Newfy mix rescue dog who has a pretty special life, but like all old dogs, has to eventually die. But what you’ll find out as you read this story, the afterlife – once Eppy figures it out with the help of one Saint Peter – is a pretty great place to be. Eppy learns some important lessons, meets new and old friends, and eventually encounters a special relative who changes everything for him. If you have ever had the experience of your dog dying, did you wonder what he might be experiencing? Wouldn’t you be curious to know if he was safe, happy, and at peace? The book The Luckiest Dog Not Alive will help you picture your pet in a wonderful new home. The type of place where he is loved and cared for, just as he was being part of your family.


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