The IncrediBullStella Coloring Book & Story: Stella The Pit Bull @IncrediBullStella


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Meet IncrediBullStella, or Stella The Pitbull as some call her. This social media maven tells the story of hope, friendship, trust and healing. This coloring book includes the story of how Stella was rescued, fostered and adopted by her fur-ever family. Unbeknownst to her family who thought they were saving her… Stella helped her new mom deal with the aftermath of having stage 3 breast cancer. Stella is such a gift by simply being herself. Her sweet demeanor and contagious attitude reshaped her mom’s focus and helped her manage some of the fear, anxiety and worry that accompanies going through a major health challenge. This is a story of hope that shows the power of a dog’s love and their amazing ability to help us live a richer, fuller existence.


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