Smokey from the Block Cat Coloring Book with a Cause: The Coloring Saga of a Feral Kitty in New York City

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Based on a True Rescue Story. Raising Funds for Ferals!

Roamin’ Smokey from the Block, a New York City tomcat with grey good looks and curb appeal, is always on the lookout for love, trouble and a nosh.He finds all three and more when he encounters his fine-lined lady friend, Mamacita, his fiercest rival, Daddy-o Buck, and a feral cat caretaker named Chiara.

Smokey’s true saga unfolds to draw colorist-readers into the everyday lives, relationships and perils of urban cats in a managed colony. The adult cats are trapped, spayed/neutered and returned (TNRd) by Chi to put a cap on kittens and unneighborly behaviors. Mamacita, Smokey and Daddy-o all settle down without mating on their minds, but still defend their home against marauders. Smokey’s epic adventure begins when the injured cat escapes from a carrier into greater danger in midtown Manhattan. He eludes rescuers for days, encounters loose dogs and is ultimately rescued by a heroic stranger. The story ends happily with Smoke’s adaptation to life as an indoor cat, just a block away from his former managed colony.

Smokey’s saga unfolds over 27 eloquently illustrated sequential pages that also showcase NYC architecture, culture, fashion, humanity and humor. The drawings are supplemented by a Welcome page, Captions and an Message from Smokey’s Cause Partner that encourages interested readers to become caretakers for community cats, and directs them to animal welfare websites to learn more. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a program of the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals will receive a portion of the profits.


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