KAUAI KITTY Adoption of Antonio


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Antonio is a Kitty on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai that needed a new home. This is a true story of most of the things our family learned when we adopted our next door neighbor’s cat when they had to move off the island. It is a cute book for anyone thinking of adopting a grown cat, especially if they have children in preschool up through 4th grade who love pets. After doing many book readings and other events with our second book “Adoption of Terry the Terrible Terrier”, we discovered that pet adoption books are loved so much by children who wanted a pet or already had a pet. Kauai Kitty can be used as a bedtime story book for little ones that love to be read to by a parent or care giver at night or as an early reader book by older children. This book is also used to promote literacy during Read Across Kauai Day in Hawaiian classrooms.


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