Justice For Cats: Caring for Your Cat & Starting a Shelter


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One-of -a-kind! It’s time for a “feline revolution” in America! This informative book incorporates a wide array of topics including; everything a cat guardian should know about feline instincts and needs, how to train a cat to use a scratching post and selecting the proper one for each cat, how to give a bath properly, selecting a cat food especially for cats with intestinal issues, the horrors of declawing (did you know it is illegal in 23 countries around the world?), black cat persecution in society (you must protect your cat), find a missing cat and the vast ways (though often over-looked) that they disappear, understanding and handling grieving guardians after the loss of a beloved pet, solutions for circumstantial and behavioral reasons people may consider giving up their cat, being an advocate for the plight of homeless cats, actions we can each perform to help stray felines, how to successfully trap cats, ways to assess medical health, descriptions of common ailments, and everything one needs to know to start and operate his or her very own animal shelter from handling the cats to filing all the paperwork. What the media can do to help spread knowledge about cats and the importance of spaying or neutering is included. At least 4 million pets are intentionally killed in “animal control” facilities across the nation. This is appalling and can be solved humanely through sterilization, citizen and media participation, and renewed attitudes. The need for sterilization laws and free spay/neuter everywhere is described. Shelter personnel will greatly benefit by utilizing the methods contained in these enlightening pages. The author is an extreme cat-lover and pro-active cat advocate. She has rescued cats her entire life. Upon finding homeless cats in so many places, by simply being observant, she would bring them home and get them all the medical care required, but knew more must be done to assist these victims of irresponsible people. Barbazon researched how to begin a non-profit organization and then did it! She personally cares for each cat rescued, counsels people on the phone about every possible feline scenario one can imagine, adopts out the cats, and performs fund-raising. This “all-inclusive feline” collection of data is meant to educate everyone about this fascinating, intelligent, perceptive, and affectionate animal. The cat’s status in society needs uplifting.The fact is they are abandoned more than dogs and suffer more abuse. Cats are phenomenal creatures and need to be respected. The information in this book is factual, based on actual hands-on experience. Justice for Cats focuses on being a responsible cat guardian, treating the cat as a family member, and being an advocate for cats at every opportunity. One person can make a huge difference for homeless pets. Did you know one unspayed female and her offspring can produce sixty-eight cats in one year? So, one can see that sterilizing one cat can make a huge difference! The book is easy to read and can be used as a quick reference guide to any dilemma one may face, with your cat or for your shelter. It is a “must have” for anyone concerned about the plight of homeless pets, cat guardians, and animal shelter personnel!


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