Human / Canine Behavior Connection


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Human/Canine Behavior Connection – A Better Self Through Dog Training is a dog training and personal growth book designed to help you and your canine companion expand as individuals and grow together as a team. This training and behavior modification approach teaches the reader skills and concepts in order to modify four systems: the dog’s response to the world, the owner’s response to their dog, the relationship between the owner and their dog and the owner’s relationship to their world. The book offers: 1. The 10 steps of behavior modification for you & your dog 2. Identifying the parallels between how you and your dog perceive the world 3. Training techniques to modify your dog’s behavior 4. Steps for you to implement in order to promote a deeper connection between you and your dog 5. Exercises to foster a deeper connection between you and your world Our relationship with our canine companions can be a window into how we relate to the world around us. It gives us insight into what holds us back and shows us where we can expand and connect in our own lives. Enjoy this process, and let the experience of training and behavior modification go deep within yourself.


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