Every Puppy Needs…: Cada Cachorro Necesita… (Grandma Tink Says…) (Volume 1)


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“Grandma Tink says,” what every puppy needs is… This magical book teaches proper care and treatment of domestic animals, including puppies and kitties, using original, full-color, illustrations by Grandma Tink. Your child will delight in the easily understood directions of how to feed, house, exercise, tag, and yes, even take their pet to the doctor for proper reproductive care. You’ll make this a keepsake for your family since it’s also a “memory book” with several pages available to attach photos of your family’s pets! Originally introduced by volunteers during a grade school reading program, Grandma Tink now offers this delightful book and resulting discussion to all children and their families. By purchasing this book you too become one of “Grandma’s Friends” and a portion of the profit goes to supporting the “Grandma’s Friends” reading program where volunteers enter school classrooms, in areas with high animal abuse, neglect, and over-population statistics, read to the children, discuss animal care and gift the book to the children. The child is then asked to take the book home and read the book out loud to their caregivers. This helps reinforce proper animal care to people of all ages. Grandma Tink believes we each can improve the lives of thousands of dogs and cats by reading this book to children and educating one child at a time. Like a pebble thrown into a lake our positive effect can ripple through generations of children and their pets. Together, let’s educate the children of the world about what every puppy needs… Thank you, Grandma Tink.


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