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OVER 1 HOUR OF RELAXING DOG MUSIC! Music for dogs; stop barking, crying! Great for crate training

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to OVER 1 HOUR OF RELAXING DOG MUSIC! Music for dogs; stop barking, crying! Great for crate training

  1. My dog is just walking away…wait, she’s coming back…
    She has a violin ? Wow, this is incredible she’s playing the violin…
    She has a paint set now and canvas…the Mona Lisa ? …She’s painted the
    Mona Lisa …
    Wait what’s this ? She’s picking up a saxophone…She’s playing that cool
    bit from Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street…
    And now she’s giving me two thumbs up.
    Yeah this relaxing music is pretty good I guess

  2. So I looked it up on Google – the “siren” type sound we hear in this music
    and on other doggie music is designed to get the dog’s attention. It brings
    them back around to the music if they’ve lost focus and are getting
    anxious/noisy again. I had noticed that while it’s high pitch and weird for
    us, it stayed in tune with whatever song was playing. That’s on purpose so
    it won’t be abrasive to the dog’s ears, but still get their attention.
    Annoying for us, but much needed for them! (but less annoying for me now —
    it’s brilliant) Just wanted to pass that along.

  3. I love these but why is there always an alarm sound in the beginning? My
    dog doesn’t seem to care but it makes ME nervous hahaha.

  4. AWWW OMFG we were driving back home from the park and we saw a little baby
    puppy walkimg on the street so we stopped the car and picked him up and hes
    so nervous and i want him to sleep very well and be calm around us and you
    know just to be happy and hes always awake just watching his surroundings
    so i decided to look some music up and found this his ears started moving
    diffrently and he got comfortable and layed down and just doze off this
    works like magic!!!!!!! Hes so cutw i can hear him breathing

  5. my dogs where barking like crazy so i put this on they started to lay down
    and go to sleep thank you! u have one more sub :)

  6. What on Earth :/, this really did not help. Played it to Mac still just
    chilled out as he always is. Maybe I should record a Video of how he
    sleeps. He will not go to sleep until he knows I am sleeping (Or at least
    ready for bed), dogs don’t need this Music to “Sleep” all they need is
    comfort. If your dog has fallen a sleep listening to this by your side its
    because he is warm, relaxed and in YOUR company. Has anyone played this
    while they aren’t at home ? I bet it dosn’t work without any comfort and
    just Sounds

  7. My brother plays the clarinet ever so beautifully. But he was practicing a
    piece with extremely high notes, and my Yorkie-Mix-Malteese named Simba
    started crying. So I took him upstairs to my room, he was still scared. I
    put little Simba on my bed and started playing this video from my phone and
    he was significantly calmer. Thank you, Relax My Dog!

  8. Awesome! My Doxie is sick and she need relax, when I press play in this
    video she sleeps calming like a puppy!
    Thanks for the video! It’s helping my girl get well. :)

  9. Depois do banho que dei da minha cachorrinha ,coloquei essa musica ela
    durmiu amoleceu todinh aaaawnt ate minha gatinha durmiu aaawnt *.* amo as
    duas aicha a cachorrinha e pretinha a gatinha

  10. Thank you for easy access to music! My dog was spooked last night and
    within minutes of this the nervous wave and fast heart beat stopped.. She
    was in submissive state very relaxed and ready to go back to sleep. She
    slept well. We’ve been using your music as her main anxiety reducer for
    over a year now and recommend it often! I personally loved the sound in
    this track and my dog responds well to the tracks with multiple sirens.

  11. this is working for my new puppy he’s German Shepard and Alaskan white wolf
    someone gave hem to us after they couldn’t take care of hem he’s jiant and
    so nice and cute and he’s beside me right dead asleep 

  12. It doesn’t just work on dogs. It works on our dog, (it may have saved her
    life.), our bunny, our guinea pig as well. You have earned a 50,544th

  13. my dog completely ignored this didn’t even notice it was playing and
    continued to act the same.. I have proven this doesn’t work 

  14. my little dog is crying because my big dogs attacked her friend,the friend
    was a dog i had for years,my dog that got attacked is at the vet right
    now,so i’m using this music to calm my little dog down and its working so
    far,but the dog that got attacked rib is broken,so thanks for making this
    or i had to deal with whining,crying,jumping,and crazyness.

  15. Wow this really works!!! I’m using it on my puppy and he is sound
    asleep!!!! He really likes this!!! But one question what is the siren noise
    thingy for thanks UR three big fans SCOTTIE lucky and me

  16. My friends puppy got really hyper within the first three seconds of the
    video. It caught his attention but he started running around in circles and
    almost knocked a mirror over from trying to attack his reflection.

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