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Our tiny white micro / teacup pomeranian puppy

Our tiny white micro / teacup pomeranian puppy

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Puppy loves his sweater…!!!

49 Responses to Our tiny white micro / teacup pomeranian puppy

  1. I came to see a cute puppy. Ending up being sickened by an owner who treats
    their dogs like a human and talk to them like they can understand them.
    Does no one watch the Dog Whisperer?

  2. As for people watching this video thinking OMG so cute ima get one.. Make
    sure u don’t have allergies and these dogs require A LOT OF grooming like
    everyday to keep them from tangling… trust me… Do your homework before
    u THINK u want one

  3. Also why does the subtitles ay mommy your dogs cant be your son/daughter
    unless you are a dog. Stop spoiling your dogs its not natural!!!

  4. whenever i see people walking these dogs in the streets, I feel like
    picking them up and slam dunking into trash cans.

  5. ijustine you have over 650.000 subsribers dont make dumb videos like this
    every 2 months and its a dog it has fur of course he hates the sweater he
    probely feels trapped in it and thats why he got into his cage and then you
    title the video dog loves his sweater? (btw sorry if there’s any words
    spelled wrong)

  6. I lived with dogs as long as I can remember, and let me tell you, there is
    no dog on this planet, who likes to wear anything… Of course they get
    used to it and everything, but is it really necessary? Btw. if a dog is
    uncompfortably, he’s yawning.

  7. Lol I hate to say it but I think the reason he calmed down when you put the
    sweater on him is because he isn’t too fond of it. Lol. He looks a bit
    depressed about it. He put himself in his crate and laid down looking super
    sad. I vote he dislikes the sweater. Although I cannot deny he does look
    very adorable it in :)

  8. That poor dog which seems to be substitute for a baby. Dogs dont need
    clothes. Unless they have no fur. Not even in Siberia. 

  9. Umm what’s with the negative attitude. I have four dogs. Two old english
    sheepdogs and two poodles. I live in Finland and it get’s pretty fucking
    cold and all of my dogs have winter jacket’s. Beau is a PUPPY and he
    doesn’t have that much of a warm fur and it’s a great thing they are
    teaching him to wear clothes and yes most dogs actually like clothes and
    get use to them. Most agility dogs use jacket’s to keep their muscles warm.
    Including mine. I am a dog trainer, dogs are my hobby and I’m also a animal
    attendant. There is nothing wrong with dog clothing and if people would
    bitch about my dogs wearing jacket’s I’d kick the crap out of you or better
    yet Get my adorable ass sheepdog give you an adorable bite mark.. Jesus
    chirst. The dog is loved and well cared for. It’s not like paris hiltons
    tinker bell or some pooch like that who is actually a baby and not a dog. 

  10. if hes all happy and hyper then calmed down and crawled into his cage and
    laid down looking all sad when you put the sweater on him, get the damn
    hint justine, he obviously hates that stupid sweater

  11. He is not happy… feeling “stuck” in a suit that doesn’t let him free to
    move or do crazy actions like every dog do. Plus he is inside the house, so
    i guess a not-so-cold place, with a sweater on.. live that poor dog with is
    natural fur and let him him have full capacity of moving… you are acting
    with him like a baby child…

  12. Justine I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’m pretty sure Bo does not like
    the sweater. He’s not looking outside. He’s looking at his reflection and
    getting sad that he’s a dog wearing a sweater so he wen’t to his cage. No
    normal dog goes into its cage, only sad dogs. Sorry. 

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