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OK Go – White Knuckles – Official Video

Official music video for OK Go’s ‘White Knuckles’. Directed by Trish Sie and OK Go. Produced by Shirley Moyers. Special thanks to: Lauren Henry and Roland So…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to OK Go – White Knuckles – Official Video

  1. That very interesting indeed. Their music video very entertaining, check
    them out.
    OK Go – White Knuckles – Official Video

  2. Love your videos this is my omG 1 time commenting I am a kid that loves
    your vids my you tube name is Idiots i made 1 you tube video it’s really

  3. why i never heard someone cursing with CATS,, im usually heard someone
    calling pigs or dogs “You’re fucking dog! piece of shit”

  4. i very much enjoyed watchdogs simply because of the A.I. of the regualr
    population there are so much “animations” and different things happening it
    really gives it a “living city” feel much more than assassins creed did. i
    can’t compare Watchdogs to GTA yet simply because GTA is coming out for pc
    and i want to see how much better it can be.

  5. This is hands down the best review I have consumed for this game. Very
    informative and bang on with all it’s points. Although that maybe because I
    am bias. I agree with every suggestion. I actually stopped playing
    Assassins Creed because of the lack of difficulty options.

  6. Bought at launch. Not played it as it has unplayable stutter on my 780sli
    system with the only fix being a Gamecube texture mode. Would advise
    potential PC purchasers to avoid. 

  7. I really can’t blame Ubisoft Montreal for having terrible driving physics.
    It’s not like they’ve developed any other open-world driving games. Yeah,
    it could certainly be better, it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse. For
    a first attempt, they did okay. The combat and walking around feels good,
    though… except for the fact that you can’t jump. It gets really
    frustrating trying to climb things but the game not letting you because the
    object isn’t designated as climbable… even if it’s as low as a curb. It
    gets rather absurd at times.

  8. You didn’t seem to talk about the PC optimisation much, so is it really not
    as bad as everyone’s making out?

  9. People buy into anything, this game is just mass produced crap with
    artificial hype created by the company itself. It does nothing new and
    nothing unique, its simply another open world game with some “hacking” that
    isn’t dynamic in anyway.
    Very disappointed in Elder Geek, their reviews have been going down in
    quality for a while and this is no exception. 

  10. I really like this game, but it is completely unplayable with all the
    framerate drops and stuttering. And now I can’t even go past the Ubisoft
    logo without crashing. This will be the last Ubi game I will buy on launch
    until they sort their pc releases out.

  11. Nice to see another perspective. I’ve seen a lot of hate thrown at this
    game recently, but it looks like something I would happily pick up on sale.

  12. Asshole bad sports. Ruin the damn multiplayer. I’ve had it happen 4 times
    already. It’s to the point I don’t even want to accept multiplayer games
    anymore. I’d rather just finish the story and side missions. Ubisoft
    should at least give you some points for not quitting and just say you won.

  13. What about how bullshit the ctos scan is when its looking for you.
    Unavoidable no matter what I was driving and how many Jams I had. or the
    enforcer spam that happens when the cops come after you. I remember
    Blacklist’s enemy patrols that just seemingly gravitate towards you when
    patrolling the area. Common Ubisoft you don’t need cheap ploys like this. 

  14. I really wanted to like this game, but I just found those negative points
    too frustrating to keep going. There were also some problems I did have
    with things that mentioned in the video, mostly with gang members and
    police seemingly teaming up to take you out, without dooking it out with
    one another, unbalanced driving missions that I had to restart easily 20
    times because the driving is just so abysmal. They weren’t problems that
    really bothered me right away, but after about 8 or 10 hours of game play
    they frustrated me too much to look past them. This game just didn’t seem
    like it was play tested to me (I know it was) that’s just the feeling I got
    from it.

  15. I think that the main issue of multiplayer, is how unorganized it is.
    Sometimes when I try to invade someone, that same person is in very open
    area, waiting someone to invade him, and then gaining points just by
    standing there and waiting, where as sometimes I get invaded right after I
    evaded polices, but still making the polices hostile towards me (meaning
    that they will shoot me on sight, but wont chase me).

    I’m actually quite surprised that you didn’t note about one of the best
    minigames there are; virtual trips. I personally found the game better than
    GTA V. After the SP campaign, I still had stuff to do, and most of it was
    very enjoyable. With GTA V, I hardly even wanted to 100% it, since most of
    the side missions were boring stuff like ”Collect 50 hidden items”, and
    after that I will unlock ”Kill or don’t kill this person” option. Even
    the GTA O was a huge grindfest where you completed the same mission over
    and over again.

  16. tbh i don’t give a shit about graphics but i want the game that was all
    about emergent gameplay and playing person of interest with random npcs
    that was promised at that e3

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