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Check out these puppy images:

Puppy and Beggar, Phnom Kulen
Image by Lizzy Freundel
At the foot of the steps to the Reclining Buddha, an hour from Siem Reap. Many people congregate on the steps begging for alms. The man sat on the opposite side to most, smoking and glancing at his puppy every now and again.

Maltese-Shihtzu puppies
Image by wsilver
Shihtzu-Maltese puppies, one week old. Everyone says this one looks like a pig.
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Guard puppy
Image by Ruth Flickr
Guggenheim on the left, Jeff Koons’ Puppy (a huge Westie made of flowers) guarding it, and our hotel windows opposite reflecting the less than scenic roadworks!
Cropped slightly, otherwise as was.

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