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Check out these puppy images:

Mastiff Puppy
Image by td stevenson
A native Mastiff puppy – these dogs get extremely vicious to anyone they don’t know. Luckily this one’s chained up.

They have been known to fight off wolves, even when heavily outnumbered. Tough dogs.

P10 Lab Mix Puppies
Image by bullcitydogs
LAB MIX PUPPIES: We have 10 of these adorable Lab mix puppies (all from the same litter!), male and female, about 3 months old. Though they can be a little shy at first, they warm up with kind handling, and all respond well to the offer of food treats 🙂 They love their toys, and like to romp and wrestle with each other. Though these little guys get along well with each other, they’ll do best in individual adoptive homes so they can have the time, attention and training all puppies need.

They live in kennels 4, 9, 19 & P10.
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