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Soggy Doggy 24-Inch Super Snoozer Bed, Medium, Beige

Soggy Doggy 24-Inch Super Snoozer Bed, Medium, Beige

  • Velvety-soft chenille noodles massage as they snuggle and support
  • Antibacterial and quick drying; Remain odor and bacteria free!
  • Zips apart into 2 pieces for each machine wash & dry
  • Ideal for droolers or dogs who come in wet and muddy from the outdoors

The Soggy Doggy Super Snoozer is a velvety-soft, round bed made from microfiber chenille. The Super Snoozer’s “noodley” fibers create a cozy nest for dogs who like to snuggle when they sleep. The spongy pad conforms to your dog’s body. The microfiber chenille cover is anti-bacterial ensuring the Super Snoozer remains odor and bacteria-free! Cover removes easily and unzips into 2 pieces for easy machine wash & dry. Medium 24″ fits dogs up to 25lbs.

List Price: $ 85.00


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