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“WoofOink: The Mystical Pig-Dog” 2008
Image by Reggie Rachuba
Watercolor on paper. 2008.

Woofoink began from bored doodles that I made one day at work. I had a little plastic dog, and a little plastic pig at my work station and i did a sketch of them having a conversation. From there, it became the official name of the sketchbook, and then the official name of my blog.

This is the official mascot of my blog. You can check it out and read all of my stupid rants by following this link:

a jeffy and his dog 1975
Image by jefzila
heres a picture from the family album of me and my dog

Dog and Duck, Soho, W1
Image by Ewan-M
A busy pub in Soho with some lovely tilework inside. It’s very small, but there’s some upstairs seating that’s quite nice. Beers are good value for Soho, too. (View of upstairs bar interior.) (View of tiling in doorway.) (Photo of vegetarian sausage & mash.)

Address: 18 Bateman Street (formerly Queen Street).
Former Name(s): The Dog and Duck Hotel.
Owner: Mitchells and Butlers [Nicholson’s] (website).
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Beer in the Evening
CAMRA National Inventory
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