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Nice Dog photos

A few nice Dog images I found:

Dog Time Race 5
Image by kamonegi_jp
EOS5D + EF70-200 f2.8L USM /
This dog is my friend.
He is fring Super Man 😉

Dog & Torch detail
Image by Lawrence OP
The name ‘Dominican’, although derived from the name of our holy father and Founder, St Dominic, is also a pun on the Latin phrase "Domini canes" which means ‘Dogs of the Lord.’

This was itself based on a dream which St Dominic’s mother, Blessed Juana de Aza, had in 1170 when she was pregnant: she saw a black and white dog with a torch in its mouth setting the world ablaze. This was interpreted to refer to St Dominic and his spiritual children, the Dominican Order – in their black and white habits – whose preaching brings the light of Gospel truth to shine upon and inflame the world with divine love.

Detail from a lamp in St Dominic’s chapel in San Domenico, Bologna.

Man Bites Dog Story
Image by Madison Guy

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