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Nice Cat photos

Check out these cat images:

Cat-Level Cats
Image by sjrankin
Two cats (Norio and Nobuo) at cat-level.

Antique cat.
Image by Captured By Ciara
This is my dads cat Callie.. she’s older then me! 17 years old in human years, but she still acts like a kitten. She sat down on my stool after me taking some shots of other stuff and made this perfect pose, lol.

Minolta 4000af into 43" brolly box camera left, projector screen on right. (fired with poverty wizard)

Cat sleeps on dog
Image by rikkis_refuge
Between now and Sponsor Appreciation Day on April 28, come visit the animals. Get your photo taken with the most number of animals possible sitting, climbing, or sleeping on you. The animals must be residents of Rikki’s Refuge. Photos will hang in the gift shop. At 3 p.m. on April 28 the winners will be chosen. All winners will receive a custom Rikki’s T-shirt in their favorite size and color. Winners will be in the categories of: Most Number of Species Piled on Me, Most Number of Animals on Me, Most Number of Animals on My Head, and Most Unusual and Creative Pose.

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Don’t miss Sponsor Appreciation Day, an Open House at Rikki’s Refuge, April 28 from noon until 4 p.m. Tours run every half hour, refreshments and vegan yummies, the Great Baldino performs his magic show at 1 p.m. This special event is free tour Family Members. Admission for others is one can of cat or dog food. Rikki’s Refuge No Kill Animal Sanctuary,

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