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Nice Cat photos

A few nice cat images I found:

A Cat and a Canard
Image by Rinoninha
Mega super happy belated birthday, Nanaly >< It’s been more than 3 weeks since Nanaly turned 4 years old, but I’ve been so busy since my holidays were over…

Anyway, this is Nanaly and my cat Serph. Don’t be deceived by his sweet gentleman-like appearances, he’s a sucker for hugs but he’s so naughty sometimes ò_ó (BTW, he’s 3 years old, but he’s HUGE, I tell you! =o_O=)

The Swimming Cat.
Image by Counselman Collection
She really was teaching her cat to swim.

Brad, The Blue Eyed Cat
Image by Ojie Paloma
(Please view in large to appreciate the exquisite details and textures)

Fact about The Blue Eyed White Colored Cats:

Blue eyed white colored cats are quite often born deaf. This is because the gene that gives them their white coat is connected to deafness. Interestingly, white cats with only one blue eye are deaf only in the ear closest to the blue eye. White cats with orange eyes do not have this disability.


Don’t know if its true, but I feel pity on Brad. 🙁

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