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Newborn rescue kitten

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kitten

My friend found a newborn kitten, and brought it to me. Poor little bay was near dead when I got him, cold as ice and covered in mud and rubble. I got him cl…

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  1. I found a newborn kitten with its umbilical cord today. I want to know
    what’s the first thing I should do with it??? I can’t take it to the vet
    right now maybe tomorrow but not now! So PLEASE HELP ASAP. I also want to
    know if it will scratch me? Cause it has sharp nails. It’s hot here where I
    live cause its summer and it’s really hot does it still need a heating pad
    right now? 

  2. Man, this got me choked up… You are a huge sweetheart. Pebbles may not
    have made it, but you gave him a lot of love before it happened and you
    should feel really good about that.

  3. Im a big burly biker guy and this video warmed my heart and brought me to
    tears. God bless you for trying your best to save this little guy and not
    letting him die a cold lonely death. Respect.

  4. It just goes to prove what I’ve always known. People from the NY/NJ metro
    area may have tough exteriors (necessary for survival in that area), but
    inside they’re some of the best people on the planet. Too bad he didn’t
    make it, but you tried. That’s the important thing. His survival just
    wasn’t meant to be.

  5. I possibly had the BEST luck when it came to baby kitten rescue. I was
    outside one day, when I saw my cat Jar Jar Binks running down the stairs
    across the street carrying something black. I thought it was a dead bird or
    mouse, so I chased after Jar Jar to make him drop it. When he reached the
    stairs leading into our backyard, the animal he was carrying let out a
    squeak, indicating it was alive. When I DID get Jar Jar to drop it, I saw
    it was a very young kitten, eyes and ears still closed. The next few weeks
    my family and I became Mommy Kitty to the absolutely adorable kitten which
    my father named Biscuit, much to my displeasure since I wanted to name the
    baby. After renaming Biscuit to Khan, ( we saw the new Star Trek movie, )
    we found out Khan was a girl! She is still alive and healthy today. 

  6. It’s sad that this guy didn’t make it. But you’re a very good person for
    giving him at least a couple days of care and attention. That comfy bed and
    heat you gave him must have been cozy.

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