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Monkey And Kitten Best Friends

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My golden retriever was abused and she used to be scared of other animals. When I got my kitten she was scared of it at first, and the kitten would hiss at her. Now they are really good friends….

34 Responses to Monkey And Kitten Best Friends

  1. I do not think kitten like to be pushed to monkey , as monkeys are very
    hyperactive animals while cats love sleep and tranquillity , I do not think
    kitty enjoys monkeys company

  2. Sadness dispels from me on this day as monkey and kiki are not free
    together forever. As monkey coddles kitty wherever they go. Aunt Jamima,
    thx 4 never letting go. Make me some vegan pancakes and I will be on my
    way. Sike you guys shit in mah food. Never, disrespectful darkness,

  3. guys calm down. youtube cat & monkey on youtube. monkies adore cats just as
    humans do. its cute and funny no cats are harmed =P.
    Being upset over this is dumb. go yell at a toddler for petting a cat as
    they know more better than the monkies

  4. First off, you have chained a primate instead of leaving it alone to be
    wild AS IT SHOULD BE! The reason it’s attached to the kitten is because it
    is, by nature, in family groups. The kitten is a domesticated PET, not a
    filler for a monkey. It’s not cute or funny… it’s animal cruelty. Shame
    on Barcroft TV. This wasn’t a “look how cute” piece; it’s “look how cruel”
    piece. This should have been a story about the release of a wild animal and
    a kitten gets a new family …just sayin.

  5. the damn cat is trying to run for its freaking life. that’s bullshit,
    people. utter bullshit.

  6. Are u fcking stupid? What has the monkey to do with that? Those problems
    are always caused by humans, there is no reason to kill any animals, its
    the natur.

  7. Their bond is going to be solidified from this point on. They will always
    be very good friends! Thank you for sharing

  8. We had a found kitten, and on the third week raising it we had to watch my
    sisters setter. Day one the kitten hissed everytime he saw the dog. Day two
    the kitten would hiss if the dog got within 3 feet. Day three and the next
    week we call to this day “he’s made of meat”. The kitten chewed on the dogs
    legs, tail, and even stole his bed for the next week. He was a happy dog
    when my sister returned.

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