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Meet Peach The Puppy

Sorry this video took so long to upload, YouTube le hates me. Some clarification points: this is not Kermit’s actual baby for those of you that are confused …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A six week old female Gambian local puppy. Not in a very good shape. But a good example for the state that most of the dogs come in.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. so many youtubers get pure breds and even though it’s a personal choice,
    you’re basically saying that it’s okay to do and it’s not. Adopt a fucking
    shelter pet. What is with all these selfish egoists who want to have a
    special custom-made LIVING CREATURE as a pet with no regard for the
    well-being of animals? Pets are not toys.

  2. Did you for real just cry because you got your puppy…..?
    Ah well we love emotional Jenna just as much as normal Jenna.

  3. I love animals so much I would cry to if I got a new dog I love every
    animal but I hate when people say if your an animal lover why aren’t you
    vegan as a person you need certain meats and protein in your body or you’ll
    be very unhealthy and die and soo in that case all you have to do is just
    not buy products where they torture animals and kill them so ugly THATS
    What everyone needs to stop doing… Stop buying certain products from
    groceries stores Go research and stop buying certain chicken pork meat cow
    meat where they go and torture them! Also stop buying makeup that tests on
    animals.. The more you buy makeup like that then your supporting what
    they’re doing 

  4. Do u keep youhr an cermet naymed paesh in temprtre boiling? I am vehry
    conceyrnid youhr an paesh is not going to an growh 

  5. I’m sorry Peach is super cute. but if that her reaction to a new puppy/
    pet. What is her reaction going to be if she has a real child. like ya
    know? LOL LVU

  6. OMG when Peach was sleeping it reminded me of when we first got my
    pomeranian and he fell asleep on me and he was limp and I threw him across
    the room screaming because I thought he was dead.

  7. I was just wondering: how does he know the puppy can’t feel any of that?
    I’m so nervous because there aren’t any tubes or IV’s in the pup, nor
    medical anesthetic machines. He said he puppy isn’t all the way asleep. Ive
    seen videos where people have endured anesthesia awareness, when they
    haven’t been given enough of the anesthesia to render them fully
    unconscious during surgery, so they can feel the pain but can do anything
    about it. I’m very thankful that this doctor his doing so much for these
    animals! I was just wondering…

  8. Poor dog. No way of knowing if she would have made it had she not been
    brought to Micha’s care. This one touched me especially because it makes
    you realize that it’s more than just the “joy” of popping maggots out; the
    little dog’s life is at stake. If you’d like to help Micha continue to
    help puppies like this, please read the following article:

  9. Why so rough with that poor baby! Do u have ADD? You seem so impatient and
    so jumping around working with the dogs. I feel sorry for the dogs.

  10. Poor little thing. On one hand it’s so terrible to see these dogs in this
    condition. One the other hand, I’m thankful that they moved next to you,
    because you’re always so adamant about educating the people of the Gambian.
    Best of luck to this puppy, and to you dear Micha.

  11. Excellent!! A new vid! I actually look forward to these! They are by far my
    favorite of the guilty pleasure gross youtube vids! There’s just something
    so strangely satisfying about seeing those nasty little parasites evicted!

  12. This puppy is sosoo sweet! Im confident in your work for sure! I cannot
    wait for her next update too (hoping it’s a little longer & that “she” gets
    a name) (: I luv watching your videos because of your candor, humor &
    mostly watching you help so many dogs, thanks again! -A.M. (Maryland, USA)

  13. You are a wonderful vet! I sure hope u show more of this lil pups care!
    Thank you and please keep making videos! Take care! 

  14. Thank you for helping this little puppy. I did NOT relize just how rough
    they come in to you, the abscesses, each hole seemed to weep pus, but, not
    too many other parasites! So glad you are back, hope all is well, and, it’s
    great to see new videos from the Gambia. I don’t understand why some dogs
    react so strongly to mangoworms- each worm causing localized infection?
    Lulu, and others react so strongly at each worm hole.

    It seemed that there was an abscess on the face, between the eyes? What was
    that scabbing on her face?

    Thanks again, and, welcome home!

  15. I’d like to see this channel make a video of an extreme case with a small
    dog, where they show the entire deworming procedure start to finish – even
    if it takes two or three hours.

  16. Thank the LORD for people like you!! 🙂 You are an amazing person. Thank
    you!!!! Much LOVE for people like you an the women you work with!!!!

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