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Little Kitten vs Little Puppy :) Really Funny Fight

Little Kitten Vs Little Puppy. Really cute and Funny Fight 🙂 funny channel: funny kitten vs puppy video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Whilst ”chugging along on the old Ragdoll”, Pat stumbles upon a small, white kitten who is stranded in a field missing from a family of three. To solve the situation, Pat decides to help…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 Responses to Little Kitten vs Little Puppy :) Really Funny Fight

  1. That’s like too much compressed cuteness in such a small square footage of
    area. Something will give way, and you will find ruptures in the
    surrounding space time fabric, so… just contain that, is all I’m saying.

  2. “Sing that one lullaby when you read my comment”

    -Don’t worry my little puppy,
    -Don’t you cry since that cat is cray,
    -In the future that cats gay (I meant to say dead, but didn’t have any word
    to keep the flow)
    -You’ll just eat him if he’s, “bothering OR fcking with you in the

  3. The white kitten is so sweet and so is it’s mewl at 3:13 and at 3:21 the
    way Jim said ”lovely little kitten” was really cute.

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