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Let’s Play the Sims 3 All In One! Part 5: Kittens

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

Sims 3 Gameplay: Finn gets another cat (Nugget), they try for kittens, and Winter ages up to an teen! ♢ Twitter: ♢ Instagra…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

We adopted a whole family of kitty cats……. Yesterdays Vlog Hey Kayli New Hushin With Lavere http:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to Let’s Play the Sims 3 All In One! Part 5: Kittens

  1. No offence, I hate it when simmers say they aged up beautifully when they
    changed them themselves. Just a pet peeve… I love you though! <3

  2. Your awesome and I love it how you changed winter on screen! Not a lot of
    people do that and I love it when you do that. Your Sims are gorgeous, your
    really amazing and I love the style of their home! Your stupendous!!!!

  3. How do you download those extra content for eyes and hair without getting
    game problems such as when the babies are born invisible and have weird
    clothing on the sims 

  4. i respect the fact that they’re going to be outside cats but i really,
    really hope you guys get them spayed or you’re not just going to have a
    mice problem, but you’re going to create a feral cat problem. of course we
    don’t exactly know how big your property is but i would think 6 is enough
    to keep the mice down

  5. You think that self-cleaning, non-smelling cats are gross but stinky,
    greasy, dirty, slobbering, non-neutered dogs are…not?

  6. All I can say is hopefully the kittens don’t get eaten like grandmatards
    But they’re all soooooooo cute

  7. Cats clean themselves and look after themselves and they’re “gross”??
    Compared to dogs, who need a bath ever other day because they stink so
    easily and like to roll around in their own crap … But we’ll let that
    argument slide, Casey ;-)

  8. That’s great they will keep the mice down, but don’t forget, unless you get
    them spayed, they will breed twice per year with mega kittens each

  9. You can call a cat many things, but gross is definitely not one of them.
    Their favorite pastime is cleaning themselves and the others…

  10. We had barn cats growing up. They are great but I agree with whoever wrote
    about making sure they are fixed. Also, just give them flea and tick
    medicine. It is cheap enough and it makes sure that the fleas don’t get in
    your house. Yes, the cats might not go in your house but fleas are nasty
    and spread fast. Just word of advice! I would get the cheap flea collars!

  11. Hey there Delilah what’s it like being a kitty? I’m a thousand miles away
    but man those cats look really pretty, yes they do. Okay I’m done. :)

  12. Casey, I can’t believe you said cats are gross!?!? I love watching your
    vlogs and your family and you seem like a cool, funny guy and I’ve tried to
    be a little open-minded about the hunting thing (because I’m against
    hunting but I like you) but I draw the line at calling cats gross!! I am
    very much a cat person and I think dogs are gross!! Dogs are slobbery,
    loud, dirty, and smelly. I can’t believe you would say cats are gross!!
    Cats clean themselves, they don’t have odors like dogs do, they don’t have
    to be walked, and they are cute and cuddly. Obviously people like different
    thing but that really pissed me off. (I’ll still watch your vlogs, I’m
    still a fan of the Butler family)

  13. I hope Casey realizes that he is complaining about not getting his liscence
    while driving. I think that would be considered BREAKING THE LAW, but I
    understand, you gotta do what you gotta do. Just be careful Casey, I don’t
    know about Idaho, but some States will throw you in Jail for a second

  14. Casey, stop whining about all that licence stuff. If you had done what you
    should have before it expired, you wouldn’t have to do all this now. It’s a
    choice you made – suck it up

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