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Leash Training #Cute #Ginger #Kitten at #Petco; First Store Visit for Helios

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

Filmed 25April14. This is the very first time Helios had ever been in a pet store. We get him a leash and harness then let him try it out. Helios even gets a…

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50 Responses to Leash Training #Cute #Ginger #Kitten at #Petco; First Store Visit for Helios

  1. Helios is a beautiful kitten!! Such pretty blue eyes. Now Pheobe and Zous
    have a brother. I liked this video and I liked the music in background.
    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Is Helios trained to stay on your shoulders or are you still training him?
    Sorry for the silly upcoming question but how do I train a kitten to stay
    on my shoulders when I get one in the future 😮 or does it depend on their
    nature thoughts

  3. I was thinking maybe if you try one of those birdie cat toys on a long pole
    and just trail it in front of him to get him to move that might help him
    along. I f he has something like that to distract him he would follow it to
    try and catch it. I had to laugh a couple of times when you were dragging
    him. He was just not having any of it. ;D. He is so cute!

  4. Hahah, one of my kittens does that sometimes, but she usually jumps off
    after a few minutes of me walking around.

  5. My four kittens loves to travel around pet smart with there leash. Are the
    rest of the kittens have homes?and is hilyous going to be you’re forever

  6. At home we have 2 cute kittens coming over daily. Today they were exploring
    the car, So cute. Im allergic so i cant have my own kitten, and im very sad
    about it, I wish i could have one.

  7. Awww! What a cutie Helios is! He’s mewing on the way to the store, and
    gets a little scared and curious when he sniffs around! So adorable! <3

  8. Awe, it looks like Amanda really loves her mom. That’s so sweet that she
    asked her how she really felt. Is Amanda best friend with mom out of all
    your daughters?

  9. God Bless your beautiful family! You all made me smile and warmed my heart!
    I am a mom to two fur babies kitties and a dog and occasionally a stray
    kitten or two until I get them adopted out…so nice to see such giving
    hearts out there! And thank you for mentioning spay and neuter..if more
    people would, less lil babies like Mason would be forced to rely on the
    luck of falling into loving arms as he did! Good on you!

  10. Awww – he’s og she’s going to get an amazing life with a calm loving dog, a
    playful and not too dominating big brother and an entire human family to
    give attention and affection. So amazing to see the trust in the dog, the
    trust in the new people and grown up cat. People adopting animals are a
    blessing to this world.

  11. I am sure that you already know that he is a he, by now but I could have
    told you! It was very apparent in one of the shots, in this video 😉
    Oh and you mentioned that the name Mason came from the fact that he has an
    “M” on his head. He is a Brown Tabby and all Tabbies have that “M” 🙂 and
    Koda is a Brown Tabby with white. 

  12. Tnx for your answers 🙂 it seems that Koda is more friendly with this
    little cute kitty! ( say hello to Leo for me ;))

  13. Sadie still got color powder from that festival. And it’s a good decision
    that you kept the cat, it’s cute.

  14. Aww. This kitty is so cute! Reminds me of a cat named Cricket that used to
    come around my dad’s house every so often. 🙂 4:19 was waayy cute!! Love
    how the kitty is sleeping so happily in your arms. Too cute.

  15. Yes. How could you give up that precious ball of fur who found you and
    immediately felt right at home? He was meant to be with you.

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