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Kittens *N Sink

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kittens

Follow DrNworb on Facebook here! A fun look back at our former VOKRA foster kittens Taeja, Mitch, Jimi, Baxter & Roodi (Nornie’s kittens) and the…
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25 Responses to Kittens *N Sink

  1. Sharing a cute video by YouTube’s DrNworb ~ Kittens *N Sink
    These adorable kittens are fascinated by water in the sink.
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    #kittenlovers #kitties 

  2. aww…she is soooooo cute…that really melts my heart::))))
    I could watch it again and again ..Thanks dear Doug..Love all your
    adorable kitties .

  3. Awww Doug, This just made my day. I love watching the kittens explore their
    world and their cautious approach to something new to them. Big smiles

  4. My cats never liked water, not even as kittens, so it was great to see this
    gang of cuties enjoying the flow! Great to see Mitch again!!

  5. Love the video! We actually have to keep the bathroom door closed because
    our 4 figured out how to turn on the faucet. 

  6. Impressive! I think you had a litter of water babies there. Mine get
    hysterical if a single drop of water comes within view of them, let alone
    lands on them! Ha!

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