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Kitten – Cut It Out [Official Video]

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

Kitten - Cut It Out [Official Video]

“Cut It Out” the first single from the “Cut It Out EP” out now, buy the EP on iTunes here: Site: Like: http://…

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25 Responses to Kitten – Cut It Out [Official Video]

  1. I found this chick listening to Fidlar (I like the trashy, angsty
    surf/skate punk) while I was looking up the bio. Little did I know 3/4 of
    them played with her before Fidlar. She’s pretty rad.

  2. Saw you guys open for the neighborhood and y’all are great performers! I
    personally think you sound better live than recorded

  3. very 80s! but it sounds good…. better than a lot of the puke that I
    hear on todays radio from some of the bigger stars.

  4. Amazing band! Anyone heard of Kitten? Take a listen. Good stuff. Love this
    on the headphones. Loud.

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