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Kitten Can’t Control His Feet! Face Kick Fail!

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

Yoshi kitten can’t control his own feet! He keeps kicking himself in the face and biting his paws! FACE KICK FAIL! He’s grown into a smarter cat now (somewhat)…. To use…
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Popping Kitten

I adopted a baby kitten yesterday, and apparently she can make popping noises! Cute! Instagram: @thebrassington Twitter: @thebrassington ———- To use this video in a commercial player…
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  1. | ISF – Ian Somerhalder Foundation

    .An animal to play with himself.

    Kitten Can’t Control His Feet! Face Kick Fail!

  2. Does anyone know what that is. Our kitten does the same thing. she goes
    completely bat sh!t crazy, tears around the house and then waits for
    unsuspecting souls to come round the corner and lunges at them (while
    making the popping sound) and then the game begins again.

  3. (RedditTM)
    almost caturday now, good day to you sir! may the atheist doge ride u 2
    bacon narwhal subreddit where u gain eternal karma 😛

  4. That noise wasn’t the kitty making a balloon popping-like noise. That was
    my heart suddenly bursting in my chest because it could not handle the
    amount of cuteness contained in this video. That being said, if you are
    reading this then it means I am dead. The level of cuteness here is way
    higher than I thought I could bear.

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