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Introducing Bengal cat to a new kitten for first time

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25 Responses to Introducing Bengal cat to a new kitten for first time

  1. Does anyone know what the cat noise starting at 7:00 – 7:05 means? My cat
    is starting to do this, but I have no idea why or what it is that he wants.

  2. I love how when dogs meet kittens for the first time, they get really
    friendly and act all excited, but when a cat sees another cat for the first
    time, they’re just like “GTFO” XD

  3. Reminds me when I got my last cat. We have an older cat who didn’t take
    kindly to him at first, and when they were at the point when he’d always
    try to wrestle with the older, one time by the sliding door my older cat
    just grabbed his head with both her paws and pretty much threw him into the
    door XD

  4. We’ve just picked up our 10 week old bengal kitten. She’s in her safe room
    as we speak however our 9month old Male bengal cat-itten is ANGRY at us.
    Even the smallest hint of her scent is leading to him going beserk at us.
    Any ideas? It’s mostly all hissing BUT he did try and charge the door on
    the safe room earlier!!

  5. I’ve been using your videos as a guide for how to introduce my new kitten
    to my 11 year old bengal. I’m really glad I found your videos! Otherwise
    I might not have known that a bit of hissing and growling is ok. I waited
    a couple weeks instead of 3 days to introduce them, but so far so good! 

  6. The kitten looks exactly like my cat. I didn’t get to see her as a kitten
    since she was a rescue so thank you for giving me the chance. They even
    both have a cream mustache. If this weren’t from 2010 I would think that
    you had my cat before I did but she isn’t that old and I know you wouldn’t
    abandon your cat.

  7. Same thing happened between my 1 year old male cat and my 5 month old
    female kitten first week he was very aggressive towards her and eventually
    he got use to her and they are best of friends now 

  8. I can’t begin to tell you much these two cats remind me of my 2. I laughed
    on and off through the whole video. We’ve been kind of concerned with the
    growling and hissing coming from Mia (The 18 month old Tabby (about the
    same size as Freya there) and Lexi (5 month old tabby mix, same mother – 1
    year later. We took Mia when she was 8 weeks old from a friend who has
    male and female tabby’s (not related) and they’ve had 2 litters a year
    apart, we’re sure she strayed off and had a few other dads tho lol they
    live on an acreage type property and are outdoor/indoor cats. Mia was a
    healthy kitten, we got her spayed all that, super lovey but also kind of
    rough with play. When we got Lexi, a year later Mia acted the same way
    Freya did with the kitten in this video, but she still acts this way and
    we’ve had the Baby Lexi for 3 months now. They’ve only been caught
    sleeping together maybe twice. I’m worried that Mia isn’t bonding or
    connecting with Lexi. Lexi is still pretty small, super energetic and
    doesn’t stop – ever. She is, like the kitten in this video, obsessed with
    Mia’s tail and will not stop even with Mia gets rough with her to warn her
    – she’ll keep going and Mia will be stressed right out and want to go out
    side. It’s at a point now where she pretty much wants to be outside all
    day, except to come in and eat, find somewhere away from Lexi to nap, which
    usually doesn’t happen and then want’s back out. She comes back in the
    evening and stays in for the night. They sleep in the same room, sometimes
    on the bed at the same time. When they do play, it’s playful. But it’s
    like Mia is a grouchy thing and only wants a few minutes of play and then
    goes back to being all cranky (growly). Sorry this is so long!! 

  9. Look at both the cat’s whiskers. They are going forward. That means they
    aren’t mad. The more the whisker go out in front, the more playful they
    are. If the whiskers go all the way back on the face, the cat is very mad.

  10. It was amusing to watch this, as my cat is named freya too and acted almost
    exactly like the Freya in this vid when we introduced a new kitten into our

  11. Sorry to say that the piano is really annoying, especially against the
    narration. Otherwise, quite interesting. Cat sounds make for a wonderful
    soundtrack ;-)

  12. Lol so funny reminds me when I introduced a kitten to my 3 year old. She
    didn’t like it to begin with but the kitten just wouldn’t take no for an
    answer. His dives just like this kitten were hilarious and they were soon
    diving and chasing each other everywhere. Best thing was how they both
    settled between my legs and had a good old cleaning session after licking
    each other.

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