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Husky puppies fighting over toy,and then comes mama husky and takes toy away

CUTE SHIRTS: Husky puppies playing with a toy.Very cute 🙂 I hope you will like video, if you do hit that Like button and dont forget to Comment and Subscribe….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Husky puppies fighting over toy,and then comes mama husky and takes toy away

  1. so i just read all of the comments from philosjutsu and a few other ladies
    and i have to say i was quite amused. thank you for your small quarrel my
    friends, stay happy, stay thirsty my friends. 

  2. I love the one in the back near the curtain….he just watches the other
    two fighting over the toy and stays out of their way…..I would want that

  3. This shows that “the strongest gets all”. The pup having the toy in the
    beginning will probably become the alpha male or female, and the puppy
    who’s a bit shy will probably be the “weakest” link in the flock. 

  4. Well that sucks, as the mother husky comes to get the toy, the bloody idiot
    cuts the sodding camcorder off! Very well filmed, NOT! The pups were cute
    though… bad camera man though

  5. I’m so surprised you couldn’t find any easter eggs, you should have come to
    the shops near me. they’re over flowing for some reason. :’) I hope you all
    have a lovely easter. ♡

  6. I feel like every video there is SO MANY of comments that say “cute” in

  7. Too much cuteness!!!! Between You and Anna and the adorable puppies and
    Ardo kissing the dolls with is much intensity!!! Happy birthday puppies!! 

  8. How is Emilia so knowledgable about everything?? She has the comprehension
    to where she remembers how things are done and even though it didn’t just
    happen, she has the ability to explain it to you. HOW IS SHE 2 YEARS OLD. 

  9. Emilia looks like Ana but has the persinality of Jonathan but Eduardo looks
    like johnathan and acts like Ana

  10. I would totally watch videos of Bianca’s Adventures narrated by you Anna!
    You crack me up doing her “voice” but it’s the attitude you give her that
    is hilarious! =}

  11. Did anyone else get excited when they saw Jessie on their TV like “omg that
    comes on my TV too and I’m just an average human person!!!

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