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How To Crate Train A Puppy

Tips on how to crate train your puppy and how it can aid with potty training. Connect with me here: ♥ Blog {} ♥ Tumblr {}…

NEW PUPPY! Everyone say “Hello Ella!” in the comments! 😀 ▻ More puppy pictures – Ella the puppy is an female 8 week old black Labrador! I adore dogs and…

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  1. We’ve made a mistake of giving our new puppy way too much freedom in the
    house. He’s 14 weeks old and is able now to go not only upstairs but all
    the way to the loft. Our previous dog of 11 years never went up there no
    matter how much we tried. We’ve got a crate but it’s always open. He’s only
    14 weeks old but he’s really naughty. I mean he doesn’t listen to a word
    anyone says unless they have food, he mouths a lot and urinates on purpose
    when left alone, for example at bedtime I took him out to do his business.
    I had to use the bathroom which is also in the kitchen (his bedroom) whilst
    in there for a good 30 second he’d urinated right outside the door. This
    isn’t the only occurrence. How would I correct this behaviour? He’s very
    very clingy and has no respect for personal space.
    He has unlimited energy and will literally cry none stop if put outside
    alone. One night my dad locked him in the crate and he barked from 1am to
    3am, it’s impossible to let him out of his crate when he’s calmed down
    because he doesn’t calm down. I don’t exaggerate but if he was locked in a
    crate he’d bark until he passes out.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He’s currently being fed eukanuba
    puppy food for large dogs. It’s high quality food but contains a lot if
    protein. If I was to reduce his protein intake would this lower his energy
    level? It’s a dry food which we soften with hot water. He also drinks very
    little water, his number two is really very dry and his nose is always dry.
    Sorry for the long post but honestly his behaviour is making a few family
    members talking about giving him away, which I really don’t want to do. I
    wish I could write out how stupidly hyper he is but I can’t, on a scale of
    10 he’s hitting 10 unless it’s 9 pm which is bedtime. 

  2. interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out tricks to house train
    a puppy try Alkarno Puppy Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard some
    pretty good things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it. 

  3. You are a wonder full pet owner he or she probberly couldn’t wish to be in
    a better place then with you

  4. by the way my puppy is only 4 weaks and it has 2 crates and a bunch of
    space just saying but her area is mostly all my room

  5. I only clicked this because I thought it said “How to create a train” but
    this video isn’t half bad,so I think I’ll stick around…even though I
    don’t have a dog. However,I have do have multiple stray cats,but they run
    away when I get near them.

  6. Very helpful thanks! Wish I had done this when I got my dog from the pound.
    When I first got him he was very possessive over the bed. His previous
    owners did not do well with him at all. I had to train him to go into his
    dog bed lol.

  7. I got a new beagle puppy a few weeks ago and he will not stay in his crate.
    I guess it’s cause of anxiety. Because he literally pees himself inside the
    crate.. and all over the house.. I dont know what to do. Because he hasn’t
    had his final shots so I can’t walk him for long distances 🙁 Help? I’m
    really bummed out I can’t train him. I feel like a bad owner..

  8. My mums at work for 7 hours and Se can’t come home to let out within the 7
    hours so I’m scared to get a puppy

  9. I have the worst luck with dogs.
    I had a Siberian Husky, and when he was 1 year old, he was chasing deer
    through our woods. After that he was lost. Trying to find his way back,
    there were people partying for days on end and a man who was very drunk
    shot and killed my dog.

    Then just last month, I got his Biological brother when he was a puppy.
    This dog was 3. Very happy, fun loving dog. He was run over and killed
    chasing deer (rarely ever happens, live in the woods). On the same road
    about a quarter of a mile away from where his brother died.

    100 % real. Not a joke.
    *Edit my grammar was horrid, I apologize.

  10. Ali, my dog looks just like her! Hr has the white on the chin and
    everything! His name is Krypto, but he’s kinda mean to other gods

  11. Hi Ella! Omg she is such a beautiful lab! She reminds my black lab Monty
    who passed away a few years back. He was a beast though, at 110lbs. He was
    a gentle giant lol but still scared the crap out of people strange to him.
    Monty was uncharacteristicly large for the Labrador breed plus he was a
    male so I hope for your sake Ella grows to be an average size or having her
    on your lap won’t seem as cute, trust me lol. I wish you the best of luck
    with her and I hope to see her in a video again soon! Bye Ella!

  12. “She’s black so you won’t be able to make out any of her facial features in
    this lighting”- AliA. That’s really racist bro.

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