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High Five Kitten

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kitten

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Bella, our adorable Saint Bernard, is completely fascinated by our new kitten! (Filmed using Nokia Lumia 1020) Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact…
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37 Responses to High Five Kitten

  1. This is stupid. High five by a cat done easily. There is nothing special
    about it, and is not worth making a video of it and uploading it to get
    views. These are dumb people and living with their cats and making seems
    like millions of unnecessary cat and some bad dog videos. Maybe the
    intelligence of these people is similar to cat’s brain, that’s why they
    make these redundant and tedious videos. And if you jackasses ask me, then
    why are you watching this if you don’t like it? I got here from radio
    station website, and my first rant towards these dumb ass domestic animals
    videos, but I like wild animals for curiosity factors. 

  2. Aww, It’s sooo cute .. until the kitty almost fell off the bed and the
    human did nothing but record and laugh >.< Could've helped him ya know! Sheeesh

  3. I love St Bernard’s!! Honestly don’t know why Cujo had to be one; they are
    honestly the biggest teddy bears ever. 

  4. One day before I get too old, I want to have a St. Bernard. At this rate of
    wanting different breeds, by the time I am 60 I think I will have a zoo
    full of doggies. lol

  5. Not a Bengal at all. It is just a domestic with Brown Classic Tabby
    markings which you don’t see as often as Mackerel Tabby (stripes) in
    domestics. Most Bengal breeders sell their kittens altered so pretty
    unlikely this cat is part Bengal, either.

  6. Please do more videos of Bella and Harry! They are priceless! And please
    make them a bit longer, 3 minutes maybe?

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