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Herding Cats

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

A look behind the experiment of IKEA UK’s release of 100 house cats into its Wembley store in the UK. Join us on Facebook Look a…
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25 Responses to Herding Cats

  1. An English IKEA decided to release 100 live cats overnight. Why? Why would
    you question such a thing? The video is the most amazing and life-affirming
    event. Ever. Embrace it. Watch it a thousand times. Watch it ten thousand

  2. If I was there I would have broken into Ikea, picked up a cat and sat in
    the corner cuddling it. Because that’s how interesting my life is.

  3. probably had to clean up some poo, and I’m surprised if the cats didn’t
    break anything at all.
    also i’m amazed at how huge some of those cats seem to be.

  4. THIS is how you make a viral video for a large corporation.

    I’m guessing it went like this:
    Step 1) IKEA hires some trendy marketing firm
    Step 2) A hip young marketer at the firm said “the internets love cats, so
    let’s combine cats with IKEA”
    Step 3) Profit!

    With nearly 4 million views, no one can argue this is not a successful
    “campaign.” Now the question is: when will the internet tire of uninspired
    cat + corporation mashups?

  5. I love IKEA and I love cats, but overall these seems like a generally
    terrible thing. Look at how unhappy all the cats are

  6. It’s an interesting idea for a commercial. Cats cuddled on furniture
    usually portrays a message of comfort to viewers. Plus it was an
    interesting experiment.

  7. This is just kind of weird. There’s barely any footage of cats actually
    roaming about in this video? It is mostly just somebody filming a film crew
    and like 12 cats jumping around for a bit, and that’s the whole video.
    You’re telling me they filmed for a whole night with a 100 cats and this is
    all the footage you got? Jesus. 

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