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Harley Cat, Before frosting glass

A few nice cat images I found:

Harley Cat, Before frosting glass
Image by oskay
Harley Cat tries out the table. The glass top is present but the opaque coating has not yet been added. Below the glass top are the sixteen nodes of the circuit, each with the photodiode (in an LED-type T 1 3/4 package) sticking up close to the glass. The circuit nodes sit on top of the pegboard that holds the LEDs. In the far corner of the table is one of the two power supplies.

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Toyger Sumatra photo by Bob Rohrbaugh, WildFX Cat National Geographic Website, my sincerest appreciation for attention given to this and the credit is given to the professional photographer mentioned here.
Image by aliceinthepoetsheartland
Actually an extra-ordinary mix breed of tiger and cat, featured in the blog entry in Multiply Cat Group review. You will find more of this in

Tuxedo Cat ‘Shemp’
Image by Chriss Pagani
Part of the litter produced by the original "Gray Cat" before I trapped her and took her to the vet for spaying. She had four sons, which is rather unusual in a litter.

Somehow those sons got named Mo, Curly, Larry and Shemp. Later, the biggest cat, Mo, would become defacto King of the Colony.

Over the seven years since then, Mo got run over by a car and Larry met an unknown fate, possibly dinner for a coyote. Shemp and Curly are still with us.

Shemp has a bit of a bulbous nose! It’s not an injury, he just has the Karl Malden thing going. It gives him character.

UPDATE: R.I.P., Shemp. 2002-2010. Of cancer. Survived by his brother, Curly. {blogged MEMORIAL}

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