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Funny: Scared Kitten over Iguana

Watch this cat suddenly shock and become crazy because of the iguana. LOL.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Funny: Scared Kitten over Iguana

  1. They absolutely do carry bacteria in their saliva, no matter if they are
    bred by people or not. And it’s still abuse, period. This video isn’t funny
    and anyone who thinks it is funny deserves to be bitch slapped.

  2. This is actually not funny at all. These animals carry tons of bacteria in
    their saliva. One small bite to especially a kitten could result in a long
    agonizing infected wound that could cause death. All for the sake of a
    video? not smart at all…. 

  3. Those jerks don’t deserve those animals, this is not funny at all! That
    poor kitten should have not been allowed to be frightened so badly. Like
    others have said, I think the kitten was bitten on it’s back when it
    jumped. The owners actually laughed at her distress and didn’t seem to care
    if the lizard bit her or not. They carry tons of bacteria through their
    saliva and they could have really done a number on her. 

  4. This video is super cute. Poor clumsy kitty (like mine) hurt itself by
    scare lol. Hope its ok. My spotty boy loves going in the tank with my
    lizard until the lizard moves.

  5. What a super adorable family! I have a cat named Peaches and I love her so
    much, but I wish I would have been able to have her mommy and daddy too and
    just see them all together as a family like they should be. Its rare cats
    now spend their lives or even a few days even with their mom, dad, and
    brother and sisters. We all need our families. Whether we are human, cats,
    dogs, bears, elephants, … any creature big or small, we should be with
    our families. Happy together. 

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