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Funny Scared Dog Videos Compilation 2014 [HD]

Scared dogs are ridiculously funny ­čśÇ More Awesome Videos & Pictures Subscribe Like …

The Dog Who Saved Easter

The Dog Who Saved Easter

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22 Responses to Funny Scared Dog Videos Compilation 2014 [HD]

  1. New compilation is out! Check out funny scared dog videos compilation and
    have a loads of laugh! ­čÖé #Funnydogs #dogs #animals´╗┐

  2. Some of the dogs weren’t even scared and some of them were playing.
    At 2:18, that dog was super energetic, they could have took him for a walk
    or something.´╗┐

  3. Pause at 1:17 > Take a screen shot > make a caption that says “I always
    feel like, somebody’s watching me” > NEW WORLDS FAVORITE MEME!!!´╗┐

  4. My boyfriend’s golden retriever hates the word “Towel.” If you say it
    around him, he barks and growls and gets really grumpy. But he also wags
    his tail, so we’re not really sure what his deal is, haha.´╗┐

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