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Funny comparison between dogs and cats – Funny animal compilation

Funny comparison between dogs and cats! Cat lovers please don’t be angry now, we just showed some funny stereotypes ­čśë Of course all dogs and cats are not li…
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  1. Dogs are better, they care for you.. If you stop feeding a cat it’ll run

    Just look at Balto who survived in the cold alaska in order to save people
    who needed immediate help. What about all those times where a dog has
    warned others about people who are in danger..
    Or the dogs who have dragged their humans out of a flaming house..

    Have cats ever done such things, nope. They would have been gone long
    before the accident.. ´╗┐

  2. i hope you all know this is purely for fun. some cats love baths. my kitten
    even plays fetch. some dogs don’t like baths or even people. there are some
    good dogs, some bad, and same with cats. THIS IS PURELY FOR YOUR
    ENTERTAINMENT. just saying.´╗┐

  3. Pretty much everything I love about cats. They’re sassy bitches with the
    occasional sweet side and a whole lot of crazy. Dogs are just too much dumb
    loyalty and slobbery happiness rolled into one for me to handle
    constantly. ´╗┐

  4. My cat greets me everyday I get home from work. She then jumps onto my
    shoulder and lets me walk her inside. She Meows at me when she wants to go
    outside and paws at the screen door when she wants to come inside. She has
    never crapped inside my house or wiped her ass on my carpet. ´╗┐

  5. with dogs: Youre the king and i’m your loyal servant. Pats me some more!! I
    will have my bath if u do it with warm water and pats me some more. Hey!
    you call me? im here! (throws ball) Again! again! (pooping) I want to get
    out! i cant hold it anymore!! (pooping everywhere) , (first time meeting
    other dogs) Oh hey there, nice to meet you~

    with cats: Bow down to me u ingrate , becoz i am your king, and youre my
    slave!!! Dont touch me u ingrate, hands down! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME, I
    REFUSE (to take a bath)! *Ignores*, glance a bit then more ignoring. (throw
    balls) >for adult cats…What are you doing throwing a ball at me, are you
    retarded? (pooping) Ah, i have to cover this up, so embarassing….(first
    time meeting other cats), What are you looking at? you wanna fight??
    (ah,cats are tsundere)

    well, theyre both cute nontheles,,,,,its a matter of preferences.´╗┐

  6. Cats have no change! -.- Dogs will winn everything. Cats are stupid and
    they only care about themselves!´╗┐

  7. I still love cats even if they do things like that. I have favors for dogs
    too but cats are the ones who made the first move to bring happiness during
    my childhood. I admit cats do these unwanted things: only approaches you
    when there is food, does not welcome you unlike dogs do, gets jealous at
    other cats unless they agree on each other, urinates anywhere to mark their
    territories including your plates in the kitchen, fights with other cats
    not welcome on their territories and creates annoying cat fight sounds,
    cats don’t like to bathe with normal methods and use their own saliva
    instead(unless they are trained of course), has a stinky and deadly feces
    that you don’t want it lying around, likes to break things with their claws
    and have their furs all over it, fights back when provoked(of course some
    pets are that way), and lastly cats do not do anything at all but sleep,
    eat, and play unlike dogs. Even if I got bitten by a cat that caused
    bleeding all over my elbow and got 3 injections of anti-rabies per session
    per week and even if a cat’s sharp nails pierced my very finger in it, I
    still love cats. God has given us this opportunity in our lives to love
    animals other than people. We have different preferences for pets as God
    allow each person to. Some likes ducks, some likes bears, some likes
    snakes, some likes dolphins, etc.. Comparing them or not makes no
    difference if you would stay to love a specific animal/s or not. ´╗┐

  8. I’m sorry but cats miss you the same way, I know plenty of dogs who will
    just sit there and go “Oh, you’re back?” and the cat will greet you
    instead. Not all dogs are alike and not all cats are alike. My cat always
    laid with me, he used the toilet so I didn’t have to have a litter box, and
    my cat enjoyed baths. Some cats even play fetch! I’ve known quite a few
    cats that do that. I’m sorry for those who have had poor experiences with
    your cat and they ran away? Maybe you should’ve thought of neutering or
    spaying your cat, cause even uneutered/unspayed female dogs will roam to
    breed and when they do they tend to get lost, hit by a car or picked up by
    another family who will have the bright idea to spay or neuter your animals
    cause you are only adding to the population. I had a friend who had never
    neutered or spayed her cats and they would get lost and return two years
    later. Amazing how they found their way back! but eventually they would get
    attacked by stray dogs or hit by a car cause again they roamed the
    neighborhood. I own both cats and dogs, you can’t expect them to have the
    same responses cause they’re different species. I liked my cat cause he
    would approach me calmly to greet when the dog would jump up and down/bark.
    After a long day of work I just want to relax. Dogs require a lot of
    attention or they will become destructive with boredom, pee and poop
    everywhere…cats will get a little destructive to though. I know some will
    get upset that you’re away as well and act like a wild child and move the
    scratching post around the house or knock over a plant. I loved my cat, he
    made me laugh, there’s nothing like a comforting purring cat laying on top
    of you, He always came when I called him to come back inside,he was great!
    I love my dogs too but sometimes it’s just exhausting, it’s like coming
    hope to a two or three year old. Please don’t hate on cats cause you may
    have not had the same experience as some of us, don’t expect them to be
    like a dog cause they aren’t! I’m tired of these cat vs dog debates. ´╗┐

  9. Okay there is no better between these animals not all cats act that way so
    ppl who criticize are rude! and not all dogs act that way either! Btw cats
    were pets longer than dogs was and they even live longer but guess what?
    who cares there animals not something we fight over you guys should be
    embarrassed that a KID is telling u this and not u telling me´╗┐

  10. Wow this video really made sure to chose cat video will make them look
    less good than dogs (well for people with no cats) I mean come on. I worked
    in a vet clinic and let me tell you the “making friend” part with the dogs
    is not hit a miss. I’ve seen a LOT of dogs attacked by other dogs. And not
    all cat wants to kill each other.
    1 of my 2 cats is super sociable, ultra cuddly and super playful. And I’ve
    seen a lot of cats like that. I’ve seen the worse dogs and the worse
    Why fight, if you like dogs better good for you, make dog videos and leave
    the cats alone (and vice versa). They are both great animals, and just like
    people each and every one of them are different. Some friendlier than

  11. At last, however, we still love our cats and dogs. We don’t need to compare
    them because they have their own nature… Just like your lover. You love
    the way they are….´╗┐

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