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50 Responses to Funny Cats Video – Cats Pictures

  1. You don’t need the word FUNNY 5 times in your videos for us humans to
    understand it’s a funny cat video. How about “Funny cat video compilation
    2014”. tired of seeing a thousand “funny”s on the side of my screen when I
    watch your videos. 

  2. Hello,

    I am making a presentation of animal videos as part of a reel for a
    tradeshow and wondered if I can use this footage? It will not be posted
    anywhere, only shown at a tradeshow related to the condominium industry in
    Toronto, Canada. Thanks and please advise!

  3. What was the point of this video!! You know I hate it when people say
    FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY 5 thousand times !!! When it turn s out the
    video is boring, lame, complete waste of time , and horrible!!! :(

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