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Funny Cats. Kitten Rocky has hiccups. AWW

Subscribe: . Funny Cats. Kitten Rocky ( from Dancing Chorus Line of Kittens ) has hiccups. AWW . New video every Tuesday &…
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We got a NEW PRECIOUS LITTLE BEAST (a kitten.) JOHNNYBERCH77 (2ND CHANNEL): Outro by Charlie Puth: …

50 Responses to Funny Cats. Kitten Rocky has hiccups. AWW

  1. What an adorable little face that Rocky has! Too Much!!! Of course I say
    all that for most every kitten or cat I see – I’m just smitten I guess – I
    just love animals -

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    that’s adorable :3

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  4. Not really, if you’re gonna beg for subscriptions it shows that chances are
    you don’t care about making videos, but instead trying to make popular
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