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Funny Cats : How to learn physics

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

Funny Cats : How to learn physics

Funny Cats : How to learn physics Starring: kittens Panda, Pikachu and Pavel July 18 201…
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25 Responses to Funny Cats : How to learn physics

  1. Think Geek linked this on my Pinterest page, which means it finally
    happened. I don’t have to go to cat videos any more. They come to me now.

  2. Let these kittens show you how to learn about physics! *grin*

    (Human minds work similarly… Just a thought.)

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOO cuteeeeeee! Coco’s kittens are always so smart and willing to
    learn and play new things!
    Panda was yet again being ADORABLE behind the curtains waiting to pounce on
    her brother. :o) 

  4. hallo my dear thank you very much for this cute Clips wonderful Nr.68 i
    wish you a very nice Sunday with lots of greetings from Austria

  5. Sooooo cute lots and lots of hugs and cuddles for Panda and Pikachu. Oleg
    how old were they in this video?

  6. Cat with short hair: Aww yeah I fucking love these marb- wtf get off my
    paw- AWW YEAH!

    Cat with long hair: Wtf are you doing bro this is insane

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