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Funny cats annoying dogs – Cute animal compilation

I hope you enjoy this video showing a Funny Cats Video

Who says that cats and dogs don’t get along? Look how some cats and kittens play with dogs and annoy them, and dogs are in most cases very patient 😉 Hope yo…
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This has to be the funniest compilation cat pictures with a lol kittens photos with captions. There is a ton of hilarious cat’s photos in this video, some of…

38 Responses to Funny cats annoying dogs – Cute animal compilation

  1. Dogs Rule!! They really are man’s best friend!! Cats..well, cats are..ok.
    Viking voice to follow; BUT DOGS!! Dogs are awesome!!

  2. who would actually want a cat like the one at 1:20 ? my god, it’s Mr.
    Bigglesworth after reanimation. so ugly. cool video though.

  3. Amazing really.
    The dogs are so patient and they just seem to know that the cat is no real
    threat to them, they seem to know that the cat just having a play, or as we
    see in some of these clips, the cat is a right bloody bugger and the dog
    just cant be arsed to have a go at the cat, although the moggy deserves it.
    Its lovely to see that the dog has accepted the cat as part of the family
    and so the cat can often get away with murder.


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