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From Japan — A video diary of a month with a rescued kitten

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kitten

子猫を保護した一ヶ月間の記録 英語版】This is a record of the kitten I rescued. When I found her both her eyes were badly inflamed by conjunctivitis. I took her home, nursed h…
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25 Responses to From Japan — A video diary of a month with a rescued kitten

  1. あけましておめでとうございます。皆様たくさんのコメントを本当にありがとうございます。年末にニコの保護主と会食をしました。大人になったニコはますます元気で、日々笑わされ癒されているそうです。ジョニは高齢ゆえ、やや動作に波があるようですが、相変わらずニコと仲良く戯れているとのことでした。【Google翻訳】
    Happy new year. Thank you very much a lot of comments everyone. I was the
    main protection and dinner of Nico at the end of the year. Nico became
    adults increasingly healthy, it seems to be healed is hilarious every day.
    Joni seems there is a wave elderly because, a little work, but was in and
    toying get along as usual and Nico. [Google Translation]

  2. :’) lovely, we also adopt abandoned kittens and pups some of them on the
    verge of death at the side of the street, at present we have a total of
    five cats, two kittens and two dogs under our care, how I wish there are
    more people like you today. I wish you, your family and Niko a good happy
    life :D

  3. You have to do as your conscience demands, I understand that and your heart
    I belive is in the best possible place. However in my own case I rescued a
    kitten that was being abandoned and would have surely been destroyed by
    the powers that be. It started out as a foster that was several years ago.
    I have and he has stuck with me through some of the most terrible times in
    my approaching old age. I was given a choice a home a life or the cat I
    chose him and at the time a rusty old truck to live in. Fortunetly the Gods
    saved me the choice . Him and I are in it for the duration. My best to
    you and to yyour family. From Al and the Big Orange Beast with affection.

  4. That is a beautiful sight! You are wonderful; and setting a great example
    for your kids and others all around the world. Thank you. If we each can
    stop one from this horrible suffering; to try to compensate for the
    monsters who can do something so cruel-that’s a special thing to

  5. You did a miracle with this unlucky kitten, taking care of her and turning
    her day after day into a beautiful, healthy kitten happy to living and
    playing! God bless you :o) Great video indeed!

  6. I am so touched by your story. Thank you for saving this sweet kitten. I
    have a Facebook page for animals rescued in Japan (Loyal Tsunami Cats Dogs
    & Animals of Japan). I hope you don’t mind if I post your video. It’s
    wonderful to find one in Japanese & in English. I strongly believe in
    spay/neuter programs as well. You and Niko were so lucky to have found each
    other. It would be wonderful to hear how she is doing in her new home and
    to see some photos as she grows up. Good luck, Niko!

  7. Just asking, why you chose not to keep this adorable miracle kitten that
    you rescued? Nevertheless, God Bless you for saving her life! x

  8. She never would have made it without you. Thank you SO much for rescuing
    her and helping to educate the community about rescuing and
    spaying/neutering pets.

  9. bless you and your kind, loving family! glad the kitten has found a new
    home!! Anyway to get some update of her from the new owner?? dying to know
    how she turns out… Lots of Kisses & Hugs to Niko!

  10. This is a story that starts badly, but goes well, thankfully! Thank you for
    Niko, long life to him (and his family) who saved her and thank you and
    much happiness to Niko and his new friends-owners! –

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