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French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 wks old Brody Brixton

What can a puppy learn in 4 days? 🙂 This Frenchie pup will melt your heart. Misa Minnies new little bro Brody Brixton will show you what a few days of train…
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25 Responses to French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 wks old Brody Brixton

  1. I was going to say that I’m gonna go and do some deadlifts and squats to
    raise my testosterone back to Man after watching this, but I just came back
    from a work out. ….So I’ll put on my pj’s, eat ice-cream and cry to this

  2. I don’t want you to think I’m mean but I have a tea cup yorkie ( it’s a boy
    ) and I had a bulldog that looks just like yours * when he was a baby* and
    just watching this brings me to tears his name was Brad and he died of a
    tumor and it was spreading rapidly so I’m kinda sad to watch this I hope
    you get to keep Brody for a long long time 

  3. I have an almost 5 year old dog and basically all she can do is sit, down,
    leave it, and occasionally get up to get food

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  5. Vejam só este cãozinho! Com apenas 3 meses de idade já aprendeu a obedecer
    vários comandos… Muito fofo!!!

  6. My girlfriend has been asking me to get one of these for ages, i’ve said no
    every time (For a few reasons). I’ve now changed my mind.

  7. How can anyone dislike this? Oh yeah, PETA fanatics. I looove this cutie! I
    prefer English bulldogs as a breed, but I can’t bear how cute this is. I’m
    melting. What annoys me is the commenters just wanting it because it’s
    cute. Dogs have much more personality than that and aren’t objects. They’re
    cute little people <33

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