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Four Cats, a Stuffed Bobcat, and a dog make a FUNNY video!

I hope you enjoy this video showing a Cats video

Our cats and dog had never seen this taxidermy “stuffed” Bobcat. Their reaction is, well just watch! 🙂 bobcat scares , scared cats Follow my classic car pho…

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32 Responses to Four Cats, a Stuffed Bobcat, and a dog make a FUNNY video!

  1. OK, so I’m all about classic cars. Well, I posted a video of my parents
    cats & dog with a stuffed bobcat on my channel and it went viral. 2.5
    million views now. Its been on CNN, RedEye, and I don’t know where else.
    LOL You never know. I admit it was very funny. That’s me laughing at the
    end. – Sam

  2. Poor dog 🙁 Whats the point of having a dog only to keep it outside or
    inside in a cage? Probably would love to cuddle with his owners in the
    house.. sad… funny video though!

  3. Somewhere in the universe there are a group of aliens showing off a stuffed
    human to a bunch of neanderthals and a bonobo.

  4. Omg I just ordered a taxidermy Water moccasin and a possum to scare my
    fiancé. I’m so excited! I’m going to put a hidden camera and put it in the
    closet where he gets his briefcase in the morning.

  5. He scratch its back that’s called repaying kindness by scratching your door
    (for cats, door & carpet are like human)

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